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"Tracking labor, Employees and project management costs are a business' largest variable expense. Payroll keeps coming every week and the market continues to get more competitive.Employee attendance tracking is important for many businesses.

The new Smart SuiteTime Attendance Software provides users great value by simplifying employee attendance and time tracking.Employee attendance tracking is important for any business and organization; however employee attendance and vacation time tracking can be very time-consuming. We believe small business should focus their time and energy on running their businesses, not trying to track attendance and manage labors.Web-based Time Attendance Software for those end-users who are not IT GURU and HR expert, so small businesses can set up smart suite quickly and easily.”

The Computerized Time Attendance system is electronic attendance system in which every employee make their attendance in computer rather than using attendance book.The system is integrated with bio-metric devices like Finger print scanner or Swap card. Using this devices makes less chance of fraud or other user malicious activities.

The Electronic Time Attendance system tracks all the employee related details including over-time, under-time, leave suite employee attendance and time tracking software was designed specifically for small business owners, non-profits and HR department managers. It is loaded with intelligent, intuitive features, but not burdened by complicated suites of expensive applications small businesses will never use or need.

Smart suite time attendance tracking software is affordable for any size businessSmart suite time attendance tracker has an amazing array of features that make time-tracking and payroll tasks simple and easy, including:
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface that allows employees to punch in and punch out
  • Automatic time tracking that automatically calculates gross payroll figures
  • Automatic check for duplicate and overlapping time entries
  • Administrator can enter and edit time data when necessary
  • Administrator can add notes to individual time entries
  • Flexible report features that are easy to use
  • Export report data to Excel, PDF or image formats for analysis and sharing
  • Separate password protection for administrator and employees
  • Equipped for network access
  • Backup feature to protect database
  • Free updates



  2. Welcome SmartSuite Payroll Software, the simple and effective online system that provides you, the
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    engagement of employees or contract workers.

    Payroll Package is one of our more successful and popular products, used by many Multinational Banks, FIIs, BPO
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    Payroll has been designed to remove the time and effort that is normally associated with payroll and to provide a
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  8. How does this automatic time tracking work? Is it based on keywords like in TimeCamp? Or is it any other technique?

  9. Because I heard that some apps detect tasks by keywords (like TimeCamp for example)... I wonder how does it work and if it is precise..

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