How to Add an RSS Feed on Blogger

Adding an RSS feed to a blog on blogger could not be any easier. The latest version of Blogger makes it much simpler for anyone to add and move page elements and modules, including RSS feeds.
By including the RSS feed on a blog, your blog will automatically include the most recent content and articles that were published, without any extra work on your part. Using an RSS feed is a a time-saving way to keep a blog fresh.
This quick tutorial assumes that you already have a blog set up on Blogger. If you don't already have a blog set up, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create one now. A blog on blogger is one way to promote your content.
How to Add An RSS Feed on Blogger
1. The first thing to do before actually setting up the RSS Feed on Blogger is to copy the address of the RSS feed. For example, my feed address is I found the address by clicking on the RSS feed logo. The RSS feed page appears, with this URL in the web site address field. Highlight the address and copy it, you will need it later on.
2. Log into the Blogger account at If you are already logged in, click Customize in the top right corner.
3. The page that appears is the Dashboard. If you only have one blog, click on Layout for the blog listed. If you have several blogs, find the one you want to add the RSS feed to, and click Layout.
4. After Layout is clicked, the "Edit Layout" page will appear with different options of modules and items that can be included on the blog. This is where you can "Add and Arrange Page Elements" on your blog.
5. Somewhere near the top of the layout will be a box with a frame of broken lines. The other page elements are framed by solid lines. In the box with broken lines it reads "Add a Page Element." Click on that box.
6. The "Choose New Page Element" Box will appear. In order to add an RSS Feed to the blog on blogger, you must pick the right box, or it may not always feed properly. Blogger makes it easy to select the right box Click on "Feed." The Feed box reads "Add content from a site feed to your blog." Click on "Add to Blog."
7. Go to the page which has the RSS feed. Copy it. Paste it into the "Configure Feed" box that appears. Click continue. A message will appear that Blogger is retrieving the feed.
8. Once the feed is retrieved by blogger, customize it:
a. Create a title for the feed.
b. Choose to show between 1 and 5 items.
c. Click in the box to include item dates (optional).
d. Click in the box to include sources and authors (optional).
You're almost done. Now click "Save Changes."
9. The "Edit Layout" from step 4 will reappear. Click and drag the RSS feed box to a new place on the page, or leave it where it is.
Click View Blog, to see the RSS feed. Now the RSS feed of your content is on your blog at blogger.


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